*Red Dragon Sold Separately

My favorite TV show in all the universe is that great masterpiece entitled ‘The Office’.

You may argue anything you’d like about it – there are better, funnier shows, the humor is too dry, Michael is too cringy and it ended a while ago so I should get over it. And I hear you. I do. But it’s the one that I love. Simple as that.

Confession? I have never watched the last episode.

Yup. You read that correctly. Reread if you need to. NEVER.

In fact, I haven’t watched the last episode of any TV show I really truly love.

‘Cause I don’t do closure.

I’m not saying I don’t like closure in the way some people don’t like Lima beans.

I’m saying I don’t do closure if I can possibly, humanly, physically help it in the way that I don’t do skydiving or bungee jumping or zip-lining or holding hands during prayer. I don’t do closure.

But here we are, on the eve of our very last Sunday on the Mount… and I have two options: convince someone to push me down a flight of stairs or actually do the thing that I do not want to do, face the closure.

Pulaski, you have been such a gift. I don’t know how to put it much better than that. I could wax long over the friendships, the oddities, the deep kindnesses and the strange fascination with top hats. You’ve let us influence your kids, for better and for worse. You’ve muscled through countless of the LeVault projects, fads and hobbies. You taught us forgiveness, how to drive a school bus, and how to be good friends.

I wish I could show you the mark that will be left forever in our family’s story because of these four years. Because of Wally, because of Micah, because of your kids. But the picture I have foremost in my brain as we put you in our rear view mirror is how well you have walked with us. Through seasons of grief, joy, healing and growth. If you do anything well Mount Pulaski, it is to bear one another’s burdens, to laugh with those who are laughing and mourn with those who are mourning. And for that, you have strengthened my faith in God’s people, in this insane career choice, and in small towns.

I wish I could let you each peek into what God’s been doing in our hearts to lead us to this new season at Hope Church. It feels equal parts whirlwind and marathon, a good work that has been prepared in advance; we wouldn’t leave you for anything less than what we know to be God’s calling in this next step of our ministry.

We love you deeply.

You will forever have a piece of our heart and our gratitude.

In Christ,

The LeVaults


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