37 Things I Learned This Year

Little Beans make you want to do crazy things like grow up so they can depend on you.

I can make it through Mexico City Airport all by myself. I only passed out once.

She’s my hero.There’s only one real coca-light, and the guy in Cozumel definitely gave me an American Diet Coke. These cuddles are so fleeting, but even when he’s old I’ll look at him and see this little bean who fell asleep in my arms.

Share what you have, it’ll stretch.

Look up, look around – this moment will never come again.

I really like her.

They have theaters you can eat in. The greatest flavor of water known to man.

French Braids have never been proven to heal anything, but sometimes it’s all you’ve got.

The mess doesn’t matter.

Their pain is my pain, their discovery of Jesus is my joy.

Garrett loves Africa, I don’t love it when Garrett goes to Africa

I’ve become my mother.

If at all possible, try not to match the wedding.

Game. Changed.

Chicken and dumplings – not as intense as grandma made them look.

I actually work for Darth Vader

No explanation needed.

Invest in coffee and smoothies now, build a foundation for later.

This is the view I fear losing most.

When she says “I just felt like making donuts” she means “We need to evacuate immediately”

Now that Walmart has grocery pickup and Amazon delivers everything else… I just never leave the house. There was room for more ❤️ Feel fancy sometimes. It does wonders for your smile.

Everyone should run away at least once a year.

Garrett can build a mess out of anything.

I don’t want to take them for granted. Hearts of my heart and thorns in my sides. Family forgives you for showing up late to the rehearsal. I do not get sea sick I want to leave a legacy.

Bitmojis are cool.

Family grows. And then you realize you need a taller tree.

Hannah and I have exchanged 298 videos this year.

Anything means anything. Even the things that will break your heart. Even the things you think God wouldn’t dare ask from you.

How to be that aunt that lets you have too much junk food and stay up past bedtime. Also, Little Miss doesn’t smile if she’s not feelin’ it. I respect that.

Thank you for being a part of our year. It’s been a tough one, and we couldn’t have come out on the other side without your love, support and comic relief. We know God’s placed us right where we’re supposed to be, we’re thankful that included you.

Thank you for answering our phone calls, letting our dog out, fixing the trailblazer, sitting with us in our grief, finding emergency evening gowns, letting us celebrate with you, driving us to airports, letting us borrow your kids, picking up Dunkin, showing up at hospitals and funerals, accepting that we are chronically late and “accidentally” doing all of our dishes. My heart is full of more stuff that I’m not sure I’ll ever find a way to say. But thank you for being our people and our place in this fragile life.

Happy New Year


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