What We Don’t Know So Far:

Hey, world's gone crazy - so here's a burnt spaghetti blog to help add to that crazy. I do what I can, you know? Weirdly, I miss you. Don't get so offended. I'm an introvert who doesn't like to hug and suddenly, all I wanna do is share breathing space with strangers. Maybe hold a … Continue reading What We Don’t Know So Far:

*Red Dragon Sold Separately

My favorite TV show in all the universe is that great masterpiece entitled 'The Office'. You may argue anything you'd like about it - there are better, funnier shows, the humor is too dry, Michael is too cringy and it ended a while ago so I should get over it. And I hear you. I … Continue reading *Red Dragon Sold Separately

You Are My Sunshine

  When I was 13 or so Hannah and I began creating our ‘husband lists’. I guess somewhere along the line at the Good Girl Baptist Camp it was suggested that we create a sort of wish list for the character traits we'd like in a future husband. Janna McKenna had requested cowboy boots, Hannah … Continue reading You Are My Sunshine

If Your Arms Feel Empty This Mother’s Day:

Don’t have children until you absolutely cannot live without them. At least that's what my mom always told me. I never used to be able to imagine what it would feel like to want a child so desperately, and then all of the sudden one day - I did. I had this hesitation in my … Continue reading If Your Arms Feel Empty This Mother’s Day:

What My Mom Knows About Satan’s Battle Plans:

It’s a story I shared last year, when Shea and I were just getting started on this Jennie Allen journey of ours. Shea found an IF: Gathering in Alton, Illinois. We had agreed to stay overnight in a stranger’s house, armed ourselves with our precious Anything books and we weren’t turning back. It was the … Continue reading What My Mom Knows About Satan’s Battle Plans:

Dear Ridiculous Girl

Being a youth minister's wife has taught me a lot about Jesus. Loving teenagers has taught me a lot about God's heartache for His children. One Ridiculous Girl in particular taught me just how wrecked God's heart is for the ones He loves. She was consistent at youth group, soaked up attention, always found me … Continue reading Dear Ridiculous Girl

Questioning Heaven

We just got home from another funeral. The third for our family since September. Compounded by the loss our own community of Mt. Pulaski has experienced this year as well. I've hesitated to write about any of it, to comment on any of it - how can I? How do you fit the spectrum of … Continue reading Questioning Heaven